Having a wedding album is critical to preserve your wedding memories physically. In the end, it will treasure the best moments from one of the most memorable days of your life, if not the most memorable. 

I am confident that you will approach this task with great care. I want to offer you some advice on immortalizing your wedding day memories in the best album possible. 

To begin, you must decide on the type of album to purchase. There are infinite options, and my recommendation is that you choose one that matches your wedding style. You’ll notice that some have an older style, while others are more contemporary.

While it is highly tempting to peruse websites offering us cheap albums, you should trust your photographer’s vendor since they are the best quality. Choose the one that most closely matches your personality! 

Wedding album structure 

The time to create the wedding album comes after the beautiful wedding day has passed. Previously, you’ll have developed a rapport with your photographer, and he’ll understand how to match your preferences to the images perfectly. That is why he will make a prior selection of the best photos, but you must choose which ones you want to keep in the album. What should you remember?

Keep in mind that the wedding album is similar to a story told through images. It means that it must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You can categorize the photographs by the time of the big day:


Bride and groom preparations. Both the bride and groom want to arrive at the altar radiant on their wedding day and will undoubtedly devote several hours of the day to ensuring they are flawless. Additionally, the nerves are visible, and the emotion is constant, leaving precious photographs for the wedding album. 


Entrance to the ceremony; rings,” Yes, I do”; newlyweds exit; bride and groom photo shoot. We could argue that it is the wedding album’s most vital point. The most significant moments of the big day will be present in this section. The newlyweds’ photo shoot is typically held between the ceremony’s conclusion and the start of the reception. The bride and groom take advantage of the cocktail hour to capture those beautiful photographs but avoid selecting too many for the wedding album, as this can become tedious. Choose only the very best ones. 


Reception and party. It’s time to discuss who was more involved in your wedding celebration and how significant that person or people were to you. However, at this point, we must be somewhat selfish, as while it is understandable that all of your guests would like to be included in the wedding album, this can significantly increase the album’s page count. Choose the photographs in which you appear with the important people to you on the big day. The fantastic idea is to gather all of the guests together for a group photograph. As a result, there will be no complaints!

Typical mistakes when selecting the photos

• Excluding photographs that should be included

On occasions, wanting to be too original, you can suppress those images that are genuinely significant. It means that while it is lovely that you have captured a perfect photograph as a result of the sunset, you should never omit the “rings moment” photo; after all, that is what has united you for life.

• Repeating photos

Occasionally, a sequence of images appears completely fantastic but conveys the same message and takes space in the album. Avoid repeating too many pictures and, if you must include them because you adore the way you look, ensure they are worth it.

• Not considering minor details

You’ve spent considerable time organizing small details: the guests’ gifts, the precise location of the flowers, personalizing the photo booth… It is entirely reasonable to devote a section to contemplating your great ideas! Since you will be too nervous to notice all those small details on the wedding day, you can breathe easy knowing that you will see them later. 

How many photos fit in an album?

If we want to put in large photos that stand out with an elegant design, we will not include hundreds of photos because the album would be too packed. Everything depends on the album’s sizethe smaller the album, the fewer the number of photos we can include. After years of experience, I have verified that the best dimensions are the following: 90 photos in the 30-sheet 15″×15″ album; 70 photos in the 30-sheet 12″×12″ album; 60 photos in the 30-sheet 10″×10″ album. These sizes are only a recommendation based on my experience.

Additionally, you could consider creating a second wedding album. This smaller one will contain the funniest moments. That is those photographs that are perhaps not as formal but are nonetheless necessary for you. It would be ideal if you created a hashtag for your wedding to recover all of the images taken by your guests on the big day.