Over the years, we have collaborated with many companies in the wedding industry, from small, specialized businesses to large, all-inclusive ones. We’ve learned from our experiences how crucial it is to select a small business for your wedding.



Working with a small business has benefits, including the individualized attention you will get. Large companies frequently have many customers, making it challenging for them to give each couple the specialized attention they deserve. An exclusively dedicated wedding planner from a small business will work closely with you to ensure your special day is everything you had envisioned, rather than a wedding coordinator from a big resort who usually takes care of many weddings on the same day and time. To make sure that your wedding is a truly memorable and stress-free experience, this level of personalization can make all the difference.


Working with a small business also has the advantage of their flexibility. Large organizations might have rigid policies and procedures that make changing or modifying your wedding plans challenging. On the other hand, small businesses are frequently more open to collaborating with you to realize your vision. They might have more freedom to alter your wedding package or work with you to design a unique experience.

Quality over Quantity

The quality of a wedding vendor’s work is among the most crucial things to consider. The distinction between big companies offering cheap and low-quality services versus small companies providing luxury products and exclusive services can be attributed to several factors.

Large corporations frequently prioritize mass production to cater to a more extensive consumer base and maximize profits. Unfortunately, this approach produces standardized, low-quality products that require more sophistication and attention to detail. Small businesses, on the other hand, can concentrate on craftsmanship, devoting more time and expertise to producing one-of-a-kind, high-quality works. As a result, quality is frequently prioritized over quantity in small businesses. Furthermore, they are often enthusiastic about their jobs and take great pride in providing the best possible service to their customers.

The economic dilemma

Large companies frequently target a broader market segment, aiming for mass appeal and affordability. As a result, their brand positioning emphasizes accessibility, convenience, and affordability, which may come at the expense of exclusivity and superior quality. On the other hand, small businesses frequently emphasize their craftsmanship, uniqueness, and personal touch, positioning themselves as providers of luxury products and exclusive services to a niche clientele willing to pay a premium for those qualities.

Establishing connections

One of its most distinctive features is the chance to establish connections with the owner who runs a small business. Establishing a relationship with the people in charge of making your wedding day a reality when you work with a big company can be challenging. However, with a small business, you can develop a personal relationship with the wedding planner, florist, DJ, photographer, etc. This could significantly affect how your wedding day goes in general. Knowing the people assisting you on your special day can increase your sense of security and comfort, making the occasion feel more intimate and memorable.


Smaller businesses frequently welcome customization more than giant corporations do. They are willing to collaborate with you to design a unique experience catered to your particular requirements and preferences. Particularly when it comes to wedding photography, this is crucial. When working with a small business, you can work with a photographer who will take the time to learn about your vision and develop an approach specifically tailored to your requirements. This can cover the kinds of photos you want to take, the best time of day for those photos, and any unique needs you may have.

Response time

Small businesses are frequently more responsive than big businesses. They are typically more approachable and more straightforward to contact. This can be particularly crucial when you need to make last-minute changes or have inquiries about your wedding arrangements. With a small business, you can anticipate prompt responses and a level of care that you might not get from a larger organization. When working with freelancers, this is especially true. In addition, you’ll be able to exert more control over the result by working closely with the small vendor. You can communicate your vision throughout the process and offer feedback. This might result in a more memorable and satisfactory experience.


Additionally, direct interaction with the artists (florist, planner, photographer, makeup & hair stylist, chef, DJ, etc.) promotes greater collaboration. You will have the chance to offer suggestions and criticism on the creative process as a client. It could result in a closer working relationship between you and the wedding vendors and, ultimately, a better-finished product. Freelance photographers are flexible and willing to work with clients this way. They are also more likely to be able to meet unique requirements.

Innovation and creativity

Independent vendors are frequently more inventive and creative than those workers from large, all-inclusive resorts. Freelancers have the advantage of flexibility and adaptability and the freedom to pursue their creative visions and ideas. They are not constrained by corporate policies or procedures that can stifle innovation. This freedom allows them to think outside the box, try new approaches, and push boundaries. They can react quickly to market trends, try new ideas, and adjust their strategy based on feedback. In contrast to large corporations, which frequently have rigid structures and lengthy decision-making processes, freelancers can make changes on the fly, allowing them to take calculated risks and rapidly iterate their innovations.

Close attention

Compared to larger businesses, independent photographers and artists frequently take a more personal approach to their work and pay close attention to detail. They try to capture the spirit of their client’s special day by taking the time to comprehend their client’s visions and preferences. A higher level of attention to detail can result in more unique and profound pictures and artwork that perfectly capture the mood of the wedding.


More often than not, independent photographers and artists are more accessible than larger businesses. They might be more adaptable with their schedules and frequently accommodate requests or changes made at the last minute. It is particularly crucial when organizing a wedding because unexpected events can occur. To ensure that your wedding day is a success, having a photographer or artist who is accessible and willing to collaborate with you to make last-minute adjustments can make all the difference.


Professionals in their fields, freelance photographers, and artists are dedicated to their work and are passionate. They are committed to delivering top-notch services and creating stunning and impactful artwork and photographs. They frequently have training, experience, and a substantial body of work in their portfolios to demonstrate their abilities. For freelancers, reputation is crucial to their success. Their reputation as independent professionals is frequently built on their skills, expertise, and the quality of their work. Freelancers rely heavily on positive word-of-mouth referrals and client testimonials to attract new clients. A solid reputation can lead to more opportunities, higher pay, and a steady workflow. 

A personal touch

The work of independent photographers and artists frequently has a more personal touch. They take the time to get to know their customers and comprehend what they have in mind for the big day. It may result in a more individualized and close-knit experience, as well as pictures and artwork that accurately capture the distinctiveness of the couple and their special day.


For your special day to be a complete success, it is essential for all parties involved to pay close attention to detail, be accessible, act professionally, and add a personal touch. Freelancers frequently offer a more individualized and distinctive experience and are often more eager to collaborate with clients to develop a personalized experience. Although they can be more expensive than larger businesses, they are frequently easier to reach and communicate with. These advantages can ensure that your wedding day is exactly as you had envisioned it. However, it’s important to remember that when working with independent vendors, you must check their references and portfolio to ensure they are qualified, skilled in their field, and with a good reputation.