There are certain jewels that a bride cannot afford to overlook on her wedding day. It is true not only for the engagement ring and the alliance but also for the earrings, enhancing the overall look and, more specifically, the face. That is why it is critical to understand how to choose the appropriate bridal earring, one that complements your appearance and style.

This year, we continue to see brides of all styles, although we can differentiate two types: on the one hand, the most traditional brides, and on the other hand, the most daring with a modern and vibrant style.

Given our location near beautiful beaches and the growing trend of beach weddings, I see numerous brides wearing earrings with a boho-chic and colorful flair. Color is also a trend, and I photograph earrings with mixed semi-precious gems all the time.

I like earrings, particularly the long models with movement. It is a decision that must be made carefully and following the selection of the dress’s neckline. However, some brides have chosen their gown based on their earrings! This is especially true when it comes to family heirlooms.

tulum wedding photography earrings bride

Factors that influence the choice of bridal earrings.

Its choice is determined by the shape and gown’s style on the one hand and by the bride’s personality on the other. Both are critical. Naturally, when I advise my clients, I keep in mind that the bridal earring should complement her countenance and features.

Without a doubt, the most popular are jewelry pieces with blue-toned gems, like jade. Some brides value Mexican craftsmanship and the Riviera Maya’s handcrafted designs, perhaps because the bride is required to wear something blue. However, aquamarines and sapphires are among the most popular gems in general.

I adore brides who opt for olive or golden tones in their bridal earrings, such as tourmalines or brown diamonds. In a nutshell, jewels that distinguish and perfectly combine with the Mexican beach context.

At the moment, it appears as though few brides choose pearls, even though pearls are always a safe bet for the most classic clients. Some vintage enthusiasts enjoy reinventing classics with a twist. You can also find collections of exceptionally provocative pearl necklaces inspired by art deco.

Jewelry is always a good bet because it has a life beyond the wedding. They are a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations, and they can be repurposed numerous times depending on the look you choose. That is why it is critical to remain true to your style. Jeans, a white shirt, and any prominent piece of jewelry appear to be a star look!

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More bridal accessories to consider.

For a bride, walking down the aisle entails more than simply selecting the ideal wedding gown. Much, much more. Although we are discussing a discreet and straightforward celebration, specific complements and accessories for the bridal look are imposed by necessity, comfort, or fashion. These are the ones to consider when planning your complete wedding style.

Beaded belt

Specific wedding gown designs incorporate a belt as a styling detail. However, some brides use this accessory to add a pop of color to the second part of the wedding. Thus, you can experiment with belts embellished with rhinestones, flowers, embroidery, or colors that coordinate with other elements such as the bouquet or shoes to create an original and unique look.

Girdles and underwear that is imperceptible

To feel comfortable and favored in the wedding photos, many brides will undoubtedly resort to invisible underwear and girdles that allow them to avoid unsightly marks that may form on the dress. There are seamless, backless bras, knickers and thongs, and a variety of other invisible solutions for showcasing necklines and intricate cuts on your wedding day without worrying about if something looks out of its place. What matters is that design is not constrained by comfort and vice versa.


Without a doubt, it is the must-have accessory for the bride, although it does not have to be a bouquet in the traditional sense. Indeed, some opt for more unique arrangements, such as bouquets of wild branches, fruits, or small bouquets of a single flower.


Although it is not a required accessory for the bride, some choose to carry it to keep their most personal belongings close at hand, as well as objects that may come in handy during the celebration: handkerchiefs, band-aids, safety pins, and touch-up makeup. Typically, the bride’s closest friends (mother, sister, a friend, etc.) keep the bride’s purse during the wedding day.

Veils and hair ornaments

It is a natural complement to brides, though not all of them choose to wear it today, particularly at non-religious weddings. As a result, many women opt to replace this traditional accessory with bows, headbands, or headdresses. Others choose accessories such as crowns or tiaras, which can be worn in conjunction with veils.

wedding photo in tulum, bride putting on shoes


When we consider the bride’s footwear, we immediately think of the shoes (typically high heels) they wear during the ceremony and the start of the celebration. However, in contemporary weddings, brides prefer not to forego comfort on their big day and typically have a second option of more casual or comfortable footwear with which to enjoy themselves without restriction. It can be bridal sandals, a wedge espadrille, or even decorated and customized sports shoes for the occasion.