Many brides seek guidance regarding the selection of bridesmaids and the traditions associated with this assignment.

The bridesmaid responsibilities

There is still some confusion surrounding this figure, and her role is sometimes confused with that of a witness.

Bridesmaids are the bride’s closest friends; they are frequently the best confidants or adventure companions, her most consolidated group of friends.

Because the bridesmaids and the bride will be the real stars of the wedding, they must be aware of their specific responsibilities. They will assist the bride throughout the various stages of wedding preparations, not just on the wedding day. For example, they can actively participate in selecting the wedding dress and planning.

According to history, bridesmaids have always been at the bride’s side to protect her. Although we consider bridesmaids an “American fashion,” their origins are much more ancient (the first appeared in ancient Rome). Of course, it will no longer be like this, but one thing is sure: they must serve as an essential reference for her.

They will be by his side both in the preceding months and on their wedding day: they will open the wedding ceremony, organize surprises for the newlyweds, entertain the guests while the newlyweds are busy, pose for photographs with the bride, and most importantly, they will support her to reassure her, to have fun, and to make the party even more beautiful.

However, in the eyes of the guests, their task stands out most during the ceremony. Therefore, their entrance must be neat and well-organized.

How to organize the entrance of the bridesmaids

Bridesmaids can range from a minimum of one to a maximum of eight. Bridesmaids should also assist the bride and groom with the delivery of wedding gifts and must be present during the day’s highlights, including the toast and bouquet toss.

Bridesmaids are not simply girls who have decided to wear a wedding-colored dress and a fantastic hairstyle; they must participate! They are a significant presence at the bride’s side, a figure who will appear in many of your wedding album’s photographs.

Now, let’s focus on their appearance

It would be unfortunate if the bride is impeccable and everything is flawless, but the bridesmaids are sloppy, vulgar, or lack elegance.

Some bridesmaids mistake the evening dress for the day dress and the dancing outfits for the ceremonial ones, so let’s clarify these points.

The number one rule:

Never wear white; this applies to all guests, and you should know it by now, but don’t take it for granted. Like white, black is also strictly prohibited.

The second rule is:

We are at a wedding, so please refrain from excessive behavior. Too many sequins, too much transparency, short skirts, or attire with a train: it’s a no-no.

Third guideline:

Consider the age of the bridesmaids. There shouldn’t be too many years between them, as each age has a corresponding dress style.


Pay close attention to the ceremony’s time. In Riviera Maya, the temperature is hot and moist throughout the year. Consider wearing very comfortable summer dresses. Additionally, the bridesmaids’ attire should not deviate too much from the style of the bride’s gown. Embroidery and details reminiscent of the bride’s gown are welcome. If the bride wears a simple vintage lace dress, the bridesmaids cannot dress in the Rockabilly style.

The fifth rule of thumb:

The bride must choose the colors and fabrics for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but each girl must feel free to express her preference for the style that best flatters her figure. Different models are permitted, but identical colors and fabrics are preferred.

Tips to be a perfect bridesmaid

You may have never served as a bridesmaid before. However, watching Hollywood romantic comedies gives you a sense of what bridesmaids are like, including their dress code, role during the ceremony, and even their most enjoyable tasks.

Make sure the bridal gown remains flawless

Even though the bridesmaid is frequently present during the dress fitting and offers advice on selecting the wedding gown, her work does not end when the couple gets married. On the wedding day, the bride can rely on this outside eye to be constantly flawless. In addition, four hands won’t be excessive if she changes his outfit several times to switch out wedding gowns.

Help the bride to always look perfect

It is evident that the bride has professional hair and makeup when she arrives in front of her guests, but it is uncertain whether these appearances will last throughout the day. The bridesmaid may change her hairstyle or makeup as the evening wears on. She may also replace a pin, wedge a wick of hair, or help with a makeup touch-up.

Be a supportive shoulder

It’s the more fabulous day in the life, but also the day of preparations that can be difficult. However, the bridesmaid can logically advise the future bride on her choices during marriage thanks to her external perspective and less intense emotional involvement. She can also meet the planner or other vendors or help her put things into perspective in case of a problem.

Create fun moments!

There are plenty of opportunities to share positive vibes and a sense of humor. Bridesmaids can help organize group photos with family and friends, give hilarious speeches, and provide party entertainment!