Below you can find some information about me, my philosophy, my style and a brief explanation of the wedding photo shoots and albums I offer.

About me

I was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1980. I started working as a photographer in 2006 when I founded in my hometown a company dedicated to advertising photography. At that time, I was especially focused on portrait and fashion photography and I worked for big companies and well-known advertising agencies.

Over time, I became interested in wedding photography until I decided finally to devote myself completely to it. In 2008, I started doing wedding photo shoots out of my city, and gradually my work as wedding photographer became more and more internationally known. In 2013, I decided to move to Mexico in order to shoot the weddings I had always dreamed of. I toured Mexico from north to south doing many photo shoots. I worked in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Campeche, Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, among many other places.

On a personal level, I have visited different continents around the world. I have been to America, Europe, Africa and Asia. I love music, movies, art and literature. I am passionate about photographythe act of capturing the beauty of a moment and freezing it in time. Today I live in Playa del Carmen and I am dedicated to shooting destination weddings for couples from all over the world.

My style

My style forms part of a photography trend called Creative Wedding Photojournalism, which is a combination of documentary photography and creative portrait photography.

Documentary photography is based on the idea that the photographer should capture the moment as it is, without manipulating or modifying it. The idea is to capture reality in a truthful way avoiding artificiality. Thus, I try to interfere as little as possible in the development of the event and let things happen naturally.

However, I complement this documentary photography with a creative portrait photography, which in my case consists of working with the light, composition and color of the image with the goal of capturing the sensations of each moment in the most beautiful manner possible.

A balanced combination of these two trends allows me to capture, in depth, all of the moments in a weddingin its documentary aspect as well as in its aesthetic aspect.

Photo Shoots

I do three types of photo shoot: Engagement, 5-Hour and 8-Hour Photo Shoot.

Engagement Photo Shoot

This has a duration of two consecutive hours and includes three different environments. It is a photo shoot in which I tell the most personal story of the couple. I capture the romantic moments, gazes, hugs and feelings that couples share in their relationship. This is a casual, fun and intimate session, which can serve to create great pictures for the wedding invitations.

5-Hour Photo Shoot

This wedding photo shoot has a duration of five consecutive hours. It is short but intense. Photos are taken of the most important moments of the wedding: getting ready at the bride and groom’s hotel, the whole ceremony, the portraits of the newly-weds, photographs with family and friends, the cocktail hour and the beginning of the reception. I recommend this for smaller weddings since it is much more economical than the 8-Hour Wedding photo shoot.

8-Hour Photo Shoot

This has a duration of eight consecutive hours and covers the whole wedding eventfrom the initial preparations until the final party at the end of the night. Photos are taken of all the moments of the day: getting ready at the bride and groom’s hotel, the first look, bridal party, the whole ceremony, portraits of the newly-weds, photographs with family and friends, cocktail hour, reception, first dance, cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss, dancing and the final party. This is the most requested option for longer weddings.


The wedding album is part of the family legacy, transcends generations and constitutes a host of memories. It is something of great importance. Thus, I work with one of the best manufacturers in the world: Renaissance Albums. They offer one of the best quality standards available on the market. Their albums are manufactured using handmade bookbinding combined with high-quality photographic paper, which ensures both high resistance to use and high color permanence.

The pages are designed and laid out according to my specifications. Personally, I focus on a simple and elegant design. This fully conscious decision is based on my firm belief that a simple design is timeless, and therefore it does not run the risk of becoming out of style as the years pass.

The work of designing the album is not something the bride and groom usually do, since it requires specific knowledge about the subject. Because of this, I always supervise the whole process. Naturally, I always offer the bride and groom a large variety of options to choose from and I am open to their suggestions.

Security and guarantees

Carrying out a wedding photo shoot is a big responsibility, because a wedding is a unique event. In order to deal with possible contingencies beyond my control, I take different security measures:

Safety in the realization:

I always carry my gear doubled: two cameras and different lenses that allow me to have a spare in case of mechanical failure of my equipment.

Safety in storage:

All of the wedding photos are stored with three copies on high-security hard disks in different locations. This means that all the work is covered for accidents, technical failure, theft, fire or any other disaster that may arise.

Guarantee of the album:

The album and the USB drive are both guaranteed for two years. This is the guarantee offered by the manufacturer in case of defects in the manufacturing process.

Guarantee of the archive:

After shooting the photos and delivering them, is always kept a copy of all the material on high-security disks for two years, at no extra charge.

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