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Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

We are a team of wedding photographers based in Riviera Maya, Mexico; awarded professionals with more than ten years of experience and a good number of weddings photographed. Currently, we are focused on producing artistic wedding photo shoots for couples from all over the world.

Best wedding venues in Riviera Maya.

The most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding on the beach are located in Riviera Maya. The three Mexican Caribbean jewels are internationally well-known — turquoise blue sea, white sand, and dreamy natural environments.

Highly qualified photography services.

This region, dedicated exclusively to tourism, attracts the most prepared professionals in the destination wedding industry. As experienced photographers with an artistic approach, we do signature photography and always offer our clients the highest quality standards.

Evocative and artistic wedding pictures.

The wedding day is one of the most important of our client’s life. It is vital to capture all the events and emotions with the highest sensitivity; a gaze, a hug, a tear… Wedding pictures mediate between reality and dreams, and in the long run, they become allies of memories. 

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Amateur vs. Professional wedding photography

Amateur vs. Professional wedding photography

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Choosing the wedding photography style

Choosing the wedding photography style

As a team of professional wedding photographers, we know how challenging it can be to select the ideal photography style for your special day. Having so many choices makes it challenging to know where to begin. Therefore, we have put together this in-depth guide to...

What role do bridesmaids play?

What role do bridesmaids play?

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“The day I received the photos I was over the moon. When looking at my photos, I can literally feel the exact emotions felt on that day. The photos are better than I could have imagined.”

Christina Helm.

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Engagement Photo Shoot

It has a duration of two consecutive hours and includes three different environments. It is a photo shoot in which we tell the most personal story of the couple. We capture the romantic moments, gazes, hugs, and feelings that all couples share in their relationship. It is a casual, fun, and intimate session, to create fabulous pictures for the wedding invitations.

5-Hour Wedding Photo Shoot

This wedding photo shoot has a duration of five consecutive hours. It is short but intense. Photos are taken of the wedding’s most important moments: getting ready at the bride and groom’s hotel, the ceremony, the portraits of the newlyweds, photographs with family and friends, the cocktail hour, and the beginning of the reception. We recommend this for smaller weddings since it is much more economical than the 9-hour photo shoot.

9-Hour Wedding Photo Shoot

This one lasts nine consecutive hours and covers the whole wedding event—from the initial preparations until the final party at the end of the night. Photos are taken of all the moments of the day: getting ready at the bride and groom’s hotel, the first look, bridal party, the whole ceremony, portraits of the newly-weds, photographs with family and friends, cocktail hour, reception, first dance, cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss, dancing and the final party. It is the most requested option for longer weddings.

Premium Photography Services

In addition to the basic services, we also offer premium add-ons to get the best possible results. Among these complementary services, we have the supreme “high-end editorial retouching,” which consists of 10 extra hours of on-demand retouching (flawless skin, dress wrinkles, stains cleaning, object removal, etc.).

On the other hand, we also offer an online gallery for the delivery of the work and a store where you can order albums and printed copies of the photos produced in the best laboratories in the United States and Canada.

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Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography