Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a selection of questions commonly asked by the bride and groom that we usually answer by email and social media.

Who will be my photographer, Ivonne or Adrian?

For us, it is essential to maintain the same level of quality at all works, so that we never send random employees to the weddings. We are a consolidated team of two people only, and we have worked together for more than ten years. So if you have a small celebration and choose to cover five hours or less, Ivonne will be your photographer. If you have a higher budget, Adrian will be the one.

Are the travel costs included in the prices?

We are based in Playa del Carmen (Mexico), but we don’t have travel limitations. The travel costs are included for all weddings held in Riviera Maya. For other wedding locations, a special quotation should be requested.

What time do you start taking photos on the wedding day?

We usually start two hours before the ceremony at the bride and groom’s hotel, considering leaving enough time for switching rooms. For example, if the ceremony begins at 5 pm, the getting ready photo shoot would start at 3 pm.

Do you take group photos at the end of the ceremony?

Yes. It is the only exception we make in terms of spontaneity. The group photos of the newlyweds with family and friends are important, and there is no problem with taking them.

Do you take photos during the meal?

Yes, but just general photos of the tables and speeches. A break is taken from the meal’s first course until the desserts come out. Photographs of people eating do not come out well, and it is better to let them rest, enjoy their meal, and calmly converse.

How many photos do you take in each photo shoot?

We usually take 300 photographs per hour. In the 9-hour wedding photo shoot, we can take up to 3000 photos, keeping in mind that we can take many pictures at once and there are many repetitions. We first cull the images according to our quality criteria, and then we deliver a selection of 600 photographs.

Do you take the photos in color or black and white?

All of the photos are shot in color and later converted into black and white. Therefore, we always turn in two versions of all the photos: one in color and the other in black and white. This way, you will always have both versions at your disposal.

Are the photos edited?

Of course! All photos submitted are enhanced by adjusting the color, brightness, and smoothing out the skin in the close-ups. We make the adjustments and retouches we consider necessary for each photo, always remaining faithful to our style. Nevertheless, you can add the “High-end retouching” service for a more demanding job with special retouching requests.

How are the hi-resolution photos delivered?

By default, the photos are sent through a private Google Drive link. However, if you add the premium feature “Online gallery powered by Pic-Time” you will be able to download the photos and order printed materials easily from a beautifully designed platform.

Who chooses the photos for the album?

The bride and groom usually choose them. After the wedding, we send the photos to the newlyweds so that they can make a selection. Then, the newlyweds send us a list of their selected photos, and we start to layout the album. Later, when the page design is ready, we send it back to their email so that they can give us the okay before printing.

How many photos fit in an album?

If we want to put in large photos that stand out with an elegant design, we will not include hundreds of photos because the album would be too packed. Everything depends on the album’s sizethe smaller the album, the fewer the number of photos we can include. After years of experience, we have verified that the best dimensions are the following: 95 photos in the 34-sheet 15×15″ album; 75 photos in the 32-sheet 12×12″ album; 60 photos in the 30-sheet 10×10″ album. These sizes are only a recommendation based on our experience.

What is the quality of the printed album?

We always print the albums on photographic paper because it has the highest printing quality and is the most durable. We offer albums of high quality, both the printing and the binding, as they have to last a lifetime.

Do you offer the service of Photobooth?

Nope. We do not offer Photobooth’s service because we prefer to concentrate 100% on the wedding photo shoot.

What can I do if the wedding venue makes me pay a “vendor fee” for bringing in an outside photographer?

The so-called “vendor fee” should never be considered a photography cost because it is a wedding venue cost. Please negotiate with the wedding venue; sometimes, they offer alternatives to avoid that fee. Remember that we are not responsible for paying any fees or day passes necessary to access the wedding venues.

Do you do video?

We do photography only. To make a video, you must hire a company specializing in video. It is something that has been changing lately. Photographers specialize more and more to provide the best possible quality, and the video makers are doing the same thing. For this reason, we operate as independent companies.

What is the turnaround time?

The deadline for handing in the final photos is three months after the wedding. However, everything depends on the amount of work we have in queue and if it is high season. We work hard to deliver the job as soon as possible but consistently within our quality standards.

Do you offer a contract?

We always make a formal contract in which both parties promise to fulfill their responsibilities. The photographer promises to submit the work with the agreed level of quality and within the agreed delivery time. Likewise, the client promises to make the respective payments within the agreed-upon timeline.

What is the method of payment?

Payment is made in two parts. A non-refundable amount of 50% is due for the date’s reservation, and the remaining 50% is due 30 days before the wedding date. All of the payments should be made by bank transfer since it is the safest payment method for both parties. If you prefer to pay by credit card, a fee will be added to the final price. A highly recommended online payment service is

How can we hire your services?

It is common to undertake the process through the Internet since many couples who hire our services live outside the country or far from where we live. The Internet is an easy and fast way of communicating. To hire our services, send us an email with all the details of your wedding (date, location, timeline). With that information, we will make a quotation where you will find all of the details for making a reservation.

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