queretaro wedding photographer

Queretaro Wedding Photographer

Hello! I’m Adrian Bonet, a seasoned wedding photographer deeply passionate about immortalizing the love and emotions felt on one of life’s most unforgettable occasions.

Having over ten years of photography experience, I’ve had the privilege of capturing numerous stunning destination weddings in Queretaro (El Marqués, Corregidora, Bernal), each with its own unique charm.

My photography philosophy revolves around the idea that every couple possesses a distinctive narrative. My aim is to encapsulate these invaluable moments, ensuring they’re treasured forever. From the subtle glances exchanged during the ceremony to the ensuing festivities, I’m dedicated to crafting enduring, heartfelt memories that will resonate for generations.

Your wedding day marks a significant chapter in your life’s journey, and I’m honored to be entrusted with portraying it through the artistic lens of my camera.

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“The day I received the photos I was over the moon. When looking at my photos, I can literally feel the exact emotions felt on that day. The photos are better than I could have imagined.” Christina Helm.

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    Based on 20 reviews
    Spencer Walls
    Spencer Walls
    Adrian was AMAZING! So happy we found him for our destination wedding. We've received so many compliments on our wedding photos. It seemed like everywhere we turned, he was there... capturing the moment. Highly, highly recommend!!! We're obsessed with how our pictures turned out ❤️
    Katie Taintor
    Katie Taintor
    Adrian captured our day absolutely perfectly from start to finish. He was clear and prompt with communication and has a brilliant eye for lighting and details. Our planner recommended Adrian and we loved his documentary style photography right away. We are SO thrilled with how our photos turned out. Beautiful shots that really capture the people, the story, and the energy of the day. Would recommend Adrian 1000x over and over again if you are looking for a wedding photographer.
    Mandie Burris
    Mandie Burris
    Adrian was our dream come true photographer on our wedding day in Tulum this past March. His journalistic style of photography tells a story of the day that is so much more than just pose after pose. He has the ability to record a series of events with a hint of romantic flare that will make you tear up every time you go through your photo album. He even was willing to try a certain stylistic shot that was not typical in his wheelhouse and I’m so very grateful for that and all the other work he put into making our photographs magical. Thank you Adrian!
    Emilia Paul
    Emilia Paul
    Great service and Very good and well behaviour... Excellent photographer I have ever seen. Amazing photography 👏🏻👏🏻Thanks
    Daisy Godoy
    Daisy Godoy
    Adrián is a great photographer, he was able to capture the best pictures of the most important day of our lives. He is attentive and super friendly. I would definitely hire him again and I cannot recommend him enough. He did an amazing job and we’re extremely happy with our wedding photos!
    Lyndsey Nelson
    Lyndsey Nelson
    Adrian captured the most artful moments during our wedding! We are grateful for his dedication that shows through his work. His art is candid and creates our story! I’m a photographer myself and a meticulous one at that. I am overly delighted with the the work Adrian created for us! Thank you Adrian so much for the memories we can admire for years to come!
    Megan Daylor
    Megan Daylor
    If you are considering hiring Adrian for your wedding, JUST DO IT! This was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. He was very responsive and so easy to work with. We wanted our wedding to be captured with candid memories and artistic shots and Adrian definitely delivered! The pictures came out better than we could have imagined and I have not stopped looking at them since we received them. Do yourself a favor and have him photograph your wedding day. You won’t regret it!
    Jessica W
    Jessica W
    Adrian was our photographer for our wedding in Tulum in January of this year and he was absolutely amazing to work with! He captured our entire event so beautifully and his photography style makes you feel like you’re there when you look at the images. He went above and beyond to make our images look perfect and deliver them in a reasonable amount of time, especially with a packed schedule. We can’t thank him enough for capturing one of the best days of our lives in a way that we’ll cherish forever. Can’t recommend him enough!
    Holly Thompson
    Holly Thompson
    Adrian is incredibly talented and easy to work with. We met him the day of our wedding and he immediately started taking quality photos that perfectly captured the day. His attention to detail and creative perspective allowed for fun, unique photos that well-encompassed our personalities. I would definitely recommend him to any friends looking to get married in the Playa del Carmen/Isla Mujeres/Cancun/etc. region, and I have heard he does destination weddings too! :)

    Adrian Bonet and Ivonne Matias form a duo of accomplished professional photographers.

    Our journey into the photography realm commenced in 2006, with the establishment of a renowned advertising photography firm in Barcelona, Spain. Initially focusing on portrait and fashion photography, we collaborated with prestigious corporations and advertising agencies.

    Our interest in wedding photography flourished over time, prompting us to pursue a career in this captivating field. In 2008, we began capturing timeless moments beyond the urban landscape, garnering international acclaim for our exceptional wedding photography.

    In 2013, we made the move to Mexico to fulfill our lifelong dream of photographing extraordinary weddings. We embarked on numerous photo shoots in renowned locales, traversing Mexico from north to south.

    Personal note: Our journeys have taken us across various continents, encompassing North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    We find immense joy in music, films, art, and literature, but our true passion lies in photography. The ability to seize and preserve the transient beauty of a fleeting moment endlessly inspires us.

    We currently reside in Playa del Carmen, where we are dedicated to encapsulating the essence of destination weddings in Queretaro for couples from around the globe!

    “Stunning pictures that truly captured our special day. Each time I look at them, I feel as though I’m there … in the moment. And a lot of my guests have stunning, beautifully lit portraits, too. I just love that. I would choose Adrian and Ivonne again and again.” Kathryn & Jack.

    Our Distinctive Photography Style

    Our wedding photography style is deeply rooted in the prestigious genre of Creative Wedding Photojournalism, which we proudly embrace. This innovative technique fuses the artistry of documentary photography with the artistic finesse of portraiture, resulting in an enthralling visual narrative that perfectly captures the essence of your special day.

    In the realm of documentary photography, we are unwaveringly committed to capturing moments as they occur naturally. This signifies that we place a premium on authenticity and purity, ensuring that the images we create are devoid of any manipulations. Our ultimate objective is to depict reality in its purest form, without contrived poses or staged settings. To accomplish this, we take a hands-off approach, allowing events to unfold naturally while preserving the authenticity and spontaneity that make each moment so special.

    We do not, however, stop there. We understand that a wedding is a tapestry of emotions, relationships, and experiences, not merely a series of moments. Our artistic portraiture comes into play here. In this aspect of our work, we manipulate elements such as lighting, composition, and color to transform every image into a work of art. This allows us to capture not only the physical beauty of the moment, but also the profound emotions, connections, and stories that lie within.

    Our method is a delicate balancing act between these two distinct styles: candid and aesthetic. We believe that both elements are equally important to convey the multifaceted nature of weddings. We value unplanned moments, laughter, tears, and genuine interactions that occur spontaneously. Simultaneously, we celebrate the beauty of meticulously composed and artistically executed portraits that serve as enduring reminders of the love and joy you felt on your wedding day.

    Our Creative Wedding Photojournalism style is ultimately a harmonious fusion of two worlds: the raw authenticity of documentary photography and the artistic elegance of portraiture. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive and enchanting visual narrative that not only tells the story of your wedding day but also evokes the emotions and memories that will last a lifetime.

    “I would absolutely recommend hiring Adrian to shoot your wedding or event. He is very professional and communicative. He is also insanely talented. If you are looking for editorial level wedding photos then Adrian is your man.” Maura Rahill.

    Outstanding Photography Services

    Riviera Maya, a destination devoted exclusively to tourism, attracts the attracts la crème de la crème of professionals in the wedding industry. And we stand tall among them, armed with expertise and a distinctive artistic approach. As your trusted photographers in Mexico, we provide services that are highly qualified, individualized, and exemplary.

    Our cameras capture the essence of your special day with every click, transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. We take great pride in adhering to the highest quality standards, ensuring that your album is a timeless work of art filled with evocative and artistic photographs.

    Let Us Capture Your Emotions

    Your wedding day is a milestone, a treasured chapter in the history of your love. It is an emotional tapestry, a symphony of love, happiness, and tears. As your devoted photographers, we recognize the significance of capturing these priceless moments with the utmost sensitivity and skill.

    Through our lenses, we become storytellers, interweaving the threads of reality and fantasy. With each click, we immortalize the stolen glances, tender embraces, and happy tears. Whenever you so desire, our evocative photographs will transport you back to that enchanted day.

    Choose Excellence: Choose Us

    Your wedding deserves nothing less than perfection, and we deliver just that. As a team of award-winning photographers, we take pride in our ability to capture the purest form of love.

    Allow us to be a part of your journey by capturing your love story against the breathtaking Mexico’s backdrop. Together, we will create a collection of lasting memories that will remind you of the love, laughter, and joy that surrounded you on your special day.

    “His soft and quiet demeanor was great; most of the time you didn’t even know he was there, and he was able to capture you right in the moment –not stiff or posed. What you get are beautiful, genuine, emotional photographs.” Kate & Robert.

    Photographing Your Love Story: Engagement Portraits

    We will create a visual narrative of your unique love story during a two-hour journey through different enchanting environments. Our engagement photo session is an intimate session brimming with romance, stolen glances, warm embraces, and couples’ purest emotions. We will create dazzling images that will make your invitations shine in the relaxed environment.

    Magic Revealed: 4-Hour Photo Shoot

    Join us for a whirlwind of wedding memories during our four-hour photo session. From the cherished moments of getting ready at your hotel to the sacred ceremony, unforgettable portraits of you and your partner, joyful moments with your loved ones, the delightful cocktail hour, and the grand start of your reception, we will capture the essence of your special day in Riviera Maya. Compared to the eight-hour photo shoot, this option offers a remarkable experience at a more affordable cost, making it ideal for intimate celebrations.

    Every Moment Captured: 8-Hour Photo Shoot

    Our eight-hour photoshoot is the pinnacle of excellence for those seeking a comprehensive documentation of their entire journey. From the earliest preparations to the joyous finale of the night, we will be present to capture every precious moment. Witness the emotional process of getting ready, the breathtaking first look, the radiant bridal party, the ceremony in all its glory, the unforgettable portraits, cherished photographs with family and friends, the lively cocktail hour, the vibrant reception, the enchanting first dance, the sweet cake cutting, the exhilarating bouquet and garter toss, the lively dancing, and the grand conclusion. This is the most popular option for longer weddings, as it ensures that no detail is overlooked.

    Enhance Your Memories: Premium Photography Services

    We offer a variety of premium add-ons to take your photos to new heights. Our “high-end editorial retouching” service provides an additional 10 hours of meticulous retouching, resulting in flawlessly perfected photographs. From evening out skin tones to removing wrinkles and blemishes, we address every imperfection. In addition, we provide an online gallery for the delivery of your breathtaking photographs. You can also explore our print store, where you can purchase exquisite albums and printed copies created by the most prestigious labs in the United States and Canada. Immerse yourself in the tangible beauty of your wedding memories.

    As enthusiastic photographers in Riviera Maya, we are ecstatic to be a part of your special day. Let’s create together timeless and breathtaking images that will forever capture the magic of your love story.

    Our Commitment to Security and Guarantees

    When it comes to wedding photography, security and guarantees are of the utmost importance, as these once-in-a-lifetime moments require the utmost protection and assurance. Here is a more comprehensive breakdown of the provided security measures and guarantees:

    Duplicate Equipment: It is of the utmost importance to capture every precious moment during a wedding. To ensure that no moment is lost due to technical issues, we always carry backup equipment. This consists of two high-quality Sony cameras and an assortment of lenses. If one camera experiences a mechanical failure, we can seamlessly switch to the backup, ensuring that your special day is completely documented.

    High-Security Hard Disks: Your wedding photographs are irreplaceable mementos, and we treat them as such. Following the photoshoot, all images are saved to secure hard drives. These hard drives are designed to withstand a variety of environmental factors and are highly resistant to data corruption, ensuring the longevity of your photographs.

    Triple Redundancy: We take redundancy seriously, as evidenced by our triple redundancy policy. We maintain three copies of all of your wedding photographs for added security. These duplicates are kept in distinct, secure locations. This comprehensive backup strategy ensures that your wedding memories remain intact and accessible in the event of accidents, technical errors, theft, fire, or any other unforeseen catastrophe.

    Manufacturer’s Warranty: Your wedding album is a tangible memento of your special day, and it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. A two-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer to ensure the quality and longevity of your album. During this period, this warranty protects against any manufacturing defects that may arise. If there are any problems with the album, you can rest assured that they will be resolved promptly, ensuring that your wedding album is a flawless representation of your most cherished memories.

    Long-Term Archive: We recognize that your wedding photographs are not only present-day mementos, but also future heirlooms. After delivering the photographs, we store a copy of your entire collection for at least two years on our secure memory drives, having the option to extend it for a longer period of time. This commitment ensures the security and accessibility of your cherished memories. Whether you require additional copies or wish to revisit those special moments in the future, your wedding archive will be easily accessible.

    Our approach to wedding photography security and guarantees is exhaustive and meticulous. At every stage of the process, from the equipment we use during the shoot to the storage of your photographs and the quality of your wedding album, we go above and beyond to protect your memories. Our commitment to preserving your wedding memories with the utmost care and professionalism is founded on your confidence in us.

    Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
    Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
    Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography
    Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Adrian Bonet Photography

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