Prices & Booking

We strongly advise that you think about making your reservations well in advance, possibly even a year ahead of your desired date, due to the tremendous demand for our services. We want to make sure we can meet your needs and provide the outstanding service you deserve because we recognize how important your special day is.

Please contact us at any time to find out if we are available on the date of your choice. We will help you quickly determine if the date you have selected is available for reservation.

We’ve included detailed information about the cost of our three different wedding photography packages below for your convenience and to give you a thorough rundown of what we have to offer. You’ll also discover an optional list of add-ons that you can personalize to fit your needs and improve your photography experience even more.


10-hour Wedding Photo Shoot by Adrian Bonet.

Signature Album: 80 photos, 12×12″ + USB-drive.

800 Edited photos in Color + B&W version.

Slideshow presentation of 100 photos.

Hi-end retouching in 50 photos.

Online gallery & Print shop.

Sneak peek of 25 photos.

PRICE: 6850 USD.


8-hour Wedding Photo Shoot by Adrian Bonet.

600 Edited photos in Color + B&W version.

Slideshow presentation of 100 photos.

Hi-end retouching in 30 photos.

Online gallery & Print shop.

Sneak peek of 15 photos.

PRICE: 4000 USD.


6-hour Wedding Photo Shoot by Ivonne Matias.

400 Edited photos in Color + B&W version.

Hi-end retouching in 20 photos.

Online gallery & Print shop.

Sneak peek of 10 photos.

PRICE: 3000 USD.


3-hour Wedding Photo Shoot by Ivonne Matias.

200 Edited photos in Color + B&W version.

Hi-end retouching in 10 photos.

Online gallery & Print shop.

Sneak peek of 5 photos.

PRICE: 2000 USD.

Optional Add-Ons:

Video Services: We collaborate with a partner, a specialist in videography, to capture your wedding day from a different perspective. Priced at 350 USD per hour, this add-on ensures professional video coverage to complement our photography services.

Second Photographer: We can add a second photographer to events with more than 100 guests to make sure that no important moment is missed. The price for this extra service is 1000 USD. 

All RAW Files: A 250Gb USB drive with all the unprocessed RAW image files that our camera took on your special day will help you remember every detail. For 350 USD, you can get access to this digital treasure trove that lets you go back and relive your wedding memories in their purest form.

Slideshow Presentation: A beautiful photo slideshow video that tells the story of your day. You will receive an MP4 file and also a link that you can share. It costs 250 USD.

Signature Album: Our Signature Wedding Album can turn your most treasured memories into a real work of art. This exquisitely made album has 80 carefully chosen photos presented in a classy 12×12″ format across 35 sheets. It costs 2000 USD. and is a timeless keepsake that shows your love story to future generations.

Engagement Photo Shoot: A two-hour engagement photo shoot is a great way to remember the time leading up to your big day. For 850 USD, you can have this session that is designed to show how uniquely connected you are. This picture should tell the story of your love and excitement.

Welcome Dinner Photo Shoot:  Add some photo magic to your welcome dinner, where family and friends get together for a party before the wedding. Our 2-hour photo shoot costs 700 USD. and will make sure that these special moments are remembered for years to come.

Extra Hours: Time of coverage can be extended for 500 USD. per hour if you need a customized timeline. With this option, you can record every late-night dance, emotional toast, and unplanned moment after the initial coverage period is over.

These add-ons are available if you’d like to make your photography experience more unique. You can change the features of your package to fit your needs and preferences. Don’t hesitate to choose any of these upgrades to make a complete and unique photographic story of your wedding day.

General Conditions:

Initial Reservation: We need an initial payment of 50% of the total cost of the photography package to hold our services and your date. This payment is required to confirm that we can work with you on your special day.

Last Payment: Thirty days before your wedding, you must pay the last 50% of the total cost of the photography package. This allows you to spread the financial commitment and makes sure that everything is set up well before the party.

Payment Method: You can easily make payments online through our secure payment gateway at, where major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transaction process.

Access Fees to the Venue: Please keep in mind that the clients are responsible for any day pass or vendor fees that come up so that we can get into your wedding venues. To make sure your photography goes smoothly, you should talk about these requirements with the venue or event planner.

Other Locations: Our prices are the same for all weddings in Mexico. We would be happy to give you a quote that is tailored to the specifics of your event and location if you are planning a destination wedding in a different country.

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