Laura and Brook had us on board as their wedding photographers, and they went all in with a full 12-hour photoshoot! The big day went down in May, and the vibes were anything but uptight. We kicked things off with Laura and Brook getting dolled up in these swanky suite rooms over at Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Think chandeliers, marble floors, and some serious pampering going on.

The ceremony, the cocktails, and grub – everything went down al fresco, right on the beach. Sun was shining, waves were crashing, and everyone was in high spirits. But here’s the kicker: outta nowhere, rain starts pouring down! Now, most folks would freak, but not Laura, Brook, or us. Quick as a flash, we all hightailed it to the Karaoke bar, which, might I add, was a blast.

And that’s not even the kicker, folks. The party didn’t stop. We kept the good times rolling and eventually landed at the fancy Koi Bar in the same resort. You should’ve seen the dance moves – epic. Laura, Brook, and their crew really knew how to keep the energy up. Now, without further ado, here’s a selection of some killer shots we snapped on that unforgettable day.

playa del carmen photographer