Boho Glam is a new concept that combines two styles I love: the natural beauty of “boho” decor and the glamor associated with “classic” weddings. Ideal for bohemian couples who refuse to forego a touch of elegance. 

In recent years, the boho decor style has become a must-have for brides. It comes in various subtrends: boho chic, boho folk, and spawned trends like “pampa grass” weddings. Allowing my imagination to run wild and inspired by new currents, I dared to dream a little bigger and gathered all the ideas that fascinate me. Without a doubt, I endorse this fantastic trend, which is gaining momentum.

Suggestions for Boho Glam decor 

The foundation of all boho decorating styles is the use of wild elements such as pampas or palms, natural plants and branches, and a touch of flowers, primarily if the wedding is held during the day. However, tree branches are not necessarily required since they give excessive prominence. I like pampa grass because it reflects the delicacy and majesty of nature in its purest form, and the color combination is stunning when combined with the dried palm. Additionally, you can emphasize the green by using plants or other elements from the same natural space you wish to decorate.

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Now, you need to add a touch of glamor to the boho decor. It means selecting decorative elements in a “classic” style to ensure they do not clash with the rest of the decor. They are typically interior design elements such as a lovely couch, bedside tables, rugs, cushions, crystal lamps, and chandeliers. For instance, you can choose a stunning blue velvet sofa and paired it with pale pink or neutral elements such as vases, lamps, and rugs. Then, placing all of these elegant elements amid nature, mixed with a natural boho decor, you will create a setting that embodies Boho Glam’s style. 

Many couples adore boho decorations for their simplicity but opt-out of this style to add a touch of glamor or chic to their wedding. Thus, this is the point at which we must reconcile traditional preferences with the freedom that boho style offers us. 

As with any evening wedding, we must supplement the decor with light bulbs and lamps. And, of course, chandeliers and lots of candles must be included in this decorative style. 

Without a doubt, another vital aspect of boho glam decor is the bride and groom’s attire. Again, the protagonists will choose their most chic version; in this case, I suggest selecting the most glamorous and elegant suit for the groom, a timeless classic look with contemporary cuts and finishing. 

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Brides, according to boho decor, should avoid wearing voluminous gowns. Instead, long tulle skirts, straight lace dresses, and diamonds fit better in this style. Also, it is important to prevent cancans and frame skirts. You can also add a special touch to your straight dress with puffed sleeves, which are currently fashionable and enhance women’s femininity.

On the other hand, the hairstyle should be inspired more by the boho trend than by the traditional. Loose, wavy hair is ideal. Also, jewelry, accessories, and headdresses must be complementary to the gown and hairstyle.

Additionally, the seating plan must be designed with the most glam touch, using the same tones as the main decoration. It will undoubtedly be beautiful, as it will follow the same common thread as the ceremony and be consistent.

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When it comes to the banquet, styling is critical, as this is the space where guests will spend the majority of their time and enjoy the celebration. The tables should be tended to and pampered with natural or wild arrangements in the center, but with the addition of very chic crockery, glassware, and cutlery, you can give them a boho glam touch. Leaving natural details on the table as an additional decorative element is a good option if they are lovely and delicate. They will serve as one more accouterment to the table.

You can also incorporate other wedding trends into a boho glam wedding, such as sparkles, smoke bombs, neons, or fun details at the party, such as light strips or luminous accessories.

I hope this piece of advice will help you in your brainstorming process. It will be essential to collaborate with professional wedding planners and flower decorators on-site since organizing such an amount of elements for a destination wedding can be a serious challenge.