Hayet and John Colby decided to have us capture their big day, going for the 8-hour photo package. The whole shebang went down in February, folks. They got themselves all gussied up over at Casa Palapa, this cool, boho beach crib nestled in the private wing of the Papaya Playa Project hotel. Trust me, it’s a slice of paradise. The main event went down under this epic tropical palapa chapel with front-row seats to the ocean’s glory. And when the sun set, it was dinner and dancing time, right there at the same hotel. No need to taxi around.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and show you the cream of the crop, our finest snaps from that epic day. These are the shots that really bring out the magic of Hayet and John’s shindig. We’re talkin’ big smiles, heartfelt tears, and all the love in the air. The whole gang getting ready in that beachfront oasis, the vibrant ceremony against the backdrop of the ocean waves, and the afterparty that rocked the joint. It’s like you’re flipping through a diary of this awesome love story.

You won’t believe the picture-perfect moments we captured at Casa Palapa. From candid shots of Hayet getting her glam on to John sharing a laugh with his best buds, it’s all here. The tropical chapel, folks, it’s pure Instagram gold. The two lovebirds saying their “I dos” with the sea as their witness, it’s the stuff of dreams. And when the stars came out, the party kicked off, and our lens was right there, capturing every twist and turn on the dance floor. It’s like being right there with them.

So, here it is, folks, the cream of the crop, the best darn memories from Hayet and John’s wedding day. Dive in, soak up the vibes, and relive the magic with us. We’ve got the inside scoop on all the heartfelt moments and the party that wouldn’t quit. This is more than just pictures; it’s a front-row seat to a love story for the ages. Enjoy!

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