Samantha and Navid brought us on board as their trusty wedding photographers, and they went for the full 8-hour photo. This was a November wedding, and let me tell you, it was pure magic. They prepped up in those fancy digs at Dreams Tulum Resort; think fluffy robes, laughter, and nerves all tangled together. It was like peeking into the heart of their big day.

The main event went down on the terrace of the Convention Center, and can we just say, it was a view to die for! The sun was playing peekaboo with the clouds, and Samantha looked like a dream. Navid, well, he was a little bundle of excitement and nervous energy rolled into one handsome package. We just couldn’t get enough of those moments.

As the day rolled on, we all made our way to Gitano, this hip jungle restaurant that had everyone vibing. Dinner, drinks, and dancing happened there, and the atmosphere was electric. We snapped away, capturing the love, the laughter, and the unforgettable moments. It was like being part of their closest circle, their confidants for the day.

So, here’s a peek at some of our absolute faves from that epic day. It’s moments like these that make us fall in love with what we do all over again.

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