Maura & Johnny decided to bring us on board as their wedding photographers, and they went for the 5-hour photo session package. Man, this wedding was a blast, and it all went down in the heart of January! The day kicked off at La Zebra Beach Hotel, which is like this rad mix of modern vibes and jungle chic. Seriously, the place is bursting with Mexican color pops and some killer decorative style.

So, picture this: Maura, the bride, was getting dolled up in the midst of all that lush ambiance at La Zebra. And let me tell you, she looked absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, Johnny was putting on his snazzy suit just a few rooms away. These moments were real precious, and we captured it all.

When the sun started to dip, it was time for the main event, and that happened over at Akiin Beach Club. You wouldn’t believe the setup there! The ceremony, dinner, and of course, some serious dancing, all right by the beach. The energy was off the charts. And right here, we’re sharing the cream of the crop, the top-notch photos from that unforgettable day.

So grab a seat, relax, and get ready to dive into the magic of Maura & Johnny’s wedding day – we’re about to show you the good stuff!

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