We’re wedding photographers and we’re pretty stoked about this new trend called Boho Glam. It’s like this rad fusion of two styles we adore – the laid-back “boho” vibes and the timeless glam of classic weddings. It’s perfect for couples who want a bit of elegance while keeping it chill.

Lately, boho decor has been the bee’s knees for brides, and it’s got all these cool substyles like boho chic and boho folk. We’ve even seen weddings inspired by “pampa grass” – talk about wild inspiration! So, we let our creative juices flow and gathered all the things that light a fire under us. We’re totally on board with this fantastic trend that’s catching fire.

Suggestions for Boho Glam Decor 

Now, let’s chat about some Boho Glam decor tips. The core of all boho styles is the use of untamed stuff like pampas, palms, natural foliage, and a dash of flowers, especially if your shindig is in the daylight. But hey, you don’t have to go all in with tree branches if that’s not your jam. We’re big fans of pampa grass – it’s like nature’s poetry in motion, and when you mix it up with dried palms, the colors are mind-blowing. And to kick it up a notch, throw in some greenery from the same spot you’re decorating – it’s all about that natural touch, you know?

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So, you’re all set to jazz up that boho decor with a touch of glam, right? Well, let us spill the beans on how to make that happen without a hitch. We’re talking about picking out some “classic” decorative goodies that’ll seamlessly blend with your boho vibe.


Picture this: a snazzy blue velvet sofa that’s out of this world. Pair it up with some pale pink or neutral bits and bobs like vases, lamps, and rugs. Now, sprinkle these swanky treasures in the midst of Mother Nature, and voila! You’ve got yourself a Boho Glam masterpiece.

Now, we get it, many couples are all about that boho simplicity, but they’re itching to add a dash of glitz and glam to their big day. This is where the magic happens – where tradition and boho style come together in a beautiful union.


And for those evening shindigs, don’t forget to light up the scene with bulbs, lamps, chandeliers, and a truckload of candles. It’s the secret sauce for pulling off that irresistible boho glam decor.


Oh, but here’s the kicker – the bride and groom’s attire. They’re the stars of the show, right? Well, for this shindig, we’re talking about the classiest, snazziest outfits. Groom, you can’t go wrong with a timeless classic look, spiced up with some contemporary cuts and finishes.

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When it comes to the bride’s attire, we’re talking less about those big, voluminous gowns and more about those flowy, boho-chic vibes. Think long tulle skirts, straight lace dresses, and some sparkly diamonds to add that extra oomph. Forget the cancans and frame skirts, though. If you’re feeling extra trendy, you can jazz up your straight dress with some puffed sleeves that are all the rage right now. They’re all about enhancing that feminine charm.


Now, let’s chat about hairstyles. Instead of going for the traditional look, why not get inspired by the boho trend? Loose, wavy hair is where it’s at. It’s effortless and beautiful. When it comes to jewelry, accessories, and headdresses, just make sure they complement your gown and your hairstyle. It’s all about that harmonious, boho look.

Boho Glam Ceremony

We wanted to share some thoughts about creating a boho-glam style ceremony – you know, the kind that really wows your guests. So, here’s the deal – let’s chat about the seating plan, and trust us, it’s a game-changer.

Picture this: you’ve got your ceremony space decked out in those dreamy boho vibes. The rustic wooden arch, the soft pastel flowers, and the hanging macramé, they’re all there, setting the stage. But what’s the secret sauce to elevate the glam factor? It’s the seating plan, my friends.

We’ve got a nifty trick for you – match the seating plan with your main decoration theme. Yup, you heard it right! Use the same tones and colors to tie everything together. Why? Because it’s going to look absolutely stunning and keep that consistent boho thread running through your ceremony.

As wedding photographers, we’ve seen it all, and we promise you, this is a winner. It’s like the final brushstroke on a beautiful canvas, making your ceremony a work of art. So, when you’re pondering your seating plan, remember – boho-glam style is all about that harmonious flow. Trust us, your guests will be raving about it!

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Dinner Tables

Those tables need some love. We’re talking about decking them out with some natural, wild vibes right in the center. But here’s the kicker – let’s throw in some seriously chic crockery, glassware, and cutlery to give ’em that boho glam twist. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some natural details on the table if they’re cute and delicate. They’re like the icing on the cake, making the table even more swoon-worthy.

Adding Sparkle and Fun

Don’t hold back when it comes to embracing some of the coolest wedding trends. We’re talking sparkles, smoke bombs, neon lights – all the fun stuff that can really take your celebration to the next level. Think light strips and glowing accessories; they’ll make your party come alive and give everyone memories to cherish.

Collaborate and Conquer

Now, when you’re diving into the world of a Boho Glam wedding, remember this: You don’t have to tackle it all by yourselves. Get your pals, the wedding planners, and flower decorators on board. Organizing a destination wedding can be a bit of a handful, but with the right team, it becomes a breeze. Let’s raise our glasses to capturing those breathtaking Boho Glam moments!

In the end, Boho Glam is the ultimate blend of sophistication and laid-back vibes, providing you with a wonderfully unique way to celebrate your love. Just mix in some wild natural elements, classic decor, and some snazzy attire and accessories. Voila, you’ve got yourselves a true masterpiece of a wedding. Always remember to embrace collaboration, add some sparkle and fun, and craft a wedding day that’s as unforgettable as your love story. Cheers to that!