Capturing a couple’s big day is a big deal for us wedding photographers, and we totally get that. It’s not just about snapping pretty pictures; it’s about freezing those emotions and memories from one of their most epic days. So, here’s the lowdown on what to rock and what to avoid when you’re out there doing your wedding photography thing.

The Cool Stuff to Do in Wedding Photography

Get Your Act Together: First things first, stay on top of your game. Being all organized is key. Check and test your gear way ahead of the big day, make sure you’ve got enough juice in those batteries and memory cards, and always have a backup plan in your back pocket just in case. Plus, roll in early to the wedding venue – gives you that sweet time to set up and vibe with the surroundings.

Chit-Chat with the Lovebirds: When it comes to wedding photo gigs, you’ve gotta nail the communication game. Sit down with the couple before the big day, hash out their vision for the pics. Find out if they’re dreaming of a shot with their grandparents or some special spot that’s close to their hearts. Keep the convo flowing on the wedding day too, so you’re all on the same wavelength and snapping up the shots they and their crew want.

Let the Creativity Flow: Wedding photography is like a golden ticket to unleash your creative beast. Don’t shy away from trying out new moves – play with perspectives, test out different techniques, and snap from funky angles. Oh, and don’t forget to switch up your gear game; different cameras and lenses can bring in a whole new vibe to your shots.

Soak in that Natural Glow: One thing we’ve learned in our journey as wedding photographers is that natural light is our ultimate sidekick. It’s like the BFF of wedding photography, creating this warm, fuzzy vibe that’s perfect for capturing the love and natural charm of the big day. Our pro tip? Take the lovebirds outdoors or find those well-lit spots by windows or doors. Play around with shadows and reflections to add that extra magic.

Weave Tales with Your Lens: A top-notch wedding photographer isn’t just a snap-happy individual; they’re storytellers with a camera. Sure, snagging shots of the main events like the first dance or the “I dos” is a given, but don’t forget the magic in-between moments. It’s the little things – the flowers, the dress, the bling – that make your photo album a treasure trove of memories.

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What to Avoid at All Costs as a Wedding Photographer

Punctuality is Key, People! Okay, so picture this: a bride in her stunning gown, a groom nervously adjusting his tie, and… no photographer in sight. Not cool, right? We gotta be on time, not fashionably late. Being tardy doesn’t just mess up our groove; it’s like saying, “Hey, we don’t respect your big day.” Arrive early, set up shop, and be ready to snap away when the festivities kick off.

Ninja Moves: Stay in Stealth Mode: We’re like wedding photography ninjas – silent, quick, and never disrupting the scene. Remember, it’s their special day, not ours. Steer clear of blocking Aunt Margie’s view during the vows, and don’t be the reason the flower girl takes a tumble. Move like a shadow, capture those candid moments, and let the wedding party shine without photobombing their memories.

Call in the Reinforcements: Guess what? It’s totally okay to ask for help. Need the lovebirds to shift to a better backdrop? Politely suggest it. Spot a random photobomber? Ask them to scoot over. Team up with a fellow photographer for that epic shot. We’re a community, not lone wolves. Swallow that pride if you have to, because a little assistance can turn a good photo into a masterpiece.

Don’t Miss the Good Stuff: Let’s face it: every wedding has those epic moments that deserve to be frozen in time. Speeches that make you tear up, the first dance that gives you all the feels, and the ceremony sealing the deal. To catch these gems, do your homework. Get the lowdown on the schedule, chat with the couple and the planner, and make sure you’re where you need to be when the magic happens.

Respect the Couple’s Flow: So, we’re the lucky ones capturing the magic on the big day, right? But hold up, it’s not our show. It’s all about the lovebirds. We’ve got to roll with their vibe and respect their game plan. No power plays here. Let’s be the memory keepers without hijacking the day. After all, it’s their gig, not ours.

Less Bossy, More Snappy Snaps: We’ve got a hefty responsibility, no doubt. But guess what? We’re not directing a blockbuster. Stick to the dos and don’ts, and we’ll nail it. From staying on the ball and chatting it up with the couple to unleashing our creative mojo and spinning a killer tale—this is our game plan. We’re not just after pretty pics; we’re chasing down their feels and memories on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Loosen the Reins: Let’s not turn into drill sergeants when snapping shots. We want those raw moments, the belly laughs, the genuine smiles, and all the good vibes. Too much direction equals fake city. Instead, let’s catch ’em in the act—those heartfelt words, those warm embraces. Let them be, and watch the magic unfold. Natural beats staged any day.

Moms Deserve the Spotlight Too

Sure, the lovebirds and their squad get most of the attention. But hey, don’t forget the MVP—the mother of the bride. She’s a big deal too, so let’s not leave her out. Group pics, candid snaps, and those special moments, like tearing up the dance floor or strolling down the aisle together—she’s part of the story. Toss in a few solo shots of the bride’s mom for that extra special touch.

Details, Details, Details

It’s all in the little things, my friends. The decorations, bling, dress, and blooms—they’re the secret sauce. Those tiny deets add depth and meaning to our pics, telling the tale of the couple’s epic day. Don’t sleep on those close-ups, capturing the unique touches that make this wedding stand out. The devil’s in the details, and so is the magic.

Don’t forget to have fun!

So, here’s the lowdown: as wedding photographers, don’t go all tunnel-vision on the techie stuff. Take a breather, savor the sweet moments, and keep it chill. It’s not just about the bride, groom, and the “I do”s; it’s about the squad, the tiny details, and having a blast doing what you love.

In a nutshell, our motto is: snap, don’t nap! Remember the golden rule – each wedding is its own shindig. No cookie-cutter shots, my friend. Tune into the vibes, chat up the lovebirds, and spin your creative magic. Think of yourself as a visual storyteller, weaving a tale through your lens.

Bottom line: don’t sweat the small stuff, focus on the feels, and enjoy the ride. Stick to these tips and tricks – talk, prepare, get your creative juices flowing – and you’ll be the wizard who freezes time for every lovey-dovey couple. Let’s rock those wedding vibes! 📸💕