We’ve been lucky enough to capture some seriously heartwarming moments at weddings. But you know what really gets our cameras clicking? The first look session, where the lovebirds lay eyes on each other for the first time on their big day. It’s a real tearjerker, and we’re here to spill the beans on how we nail those shots!

Planning in advance

So, here’s the deal: to make this first look gig a hit, some pre-game planning is key. We’re not mind-readers, so we sit down with the couple way before the big day and chat it up. We’re all about that freedom of choice, so we let them pick where and when this special moment goes down. If there’s a spot that’s dear to their hearts, we’re all in. Plus, it helps us make sure we’ve got the time we need to snap those perfect pics.

Now, when it comes to the poses, we’ve got some options in our bag of tricks. Some couples are all about the relaxed, ‘caught in the moment’ vibe, while others lean more towards the classic, formal look. We’re cool with whatever they’re into because, hey, it’s their day. By going over their style ahead of time, we can guarantee photos they’ll swoon over.


So, folks, the big day is here, and it’s our job to make sure everything’s picture-perfect. We’ve gotta roll up to the venue early, set up shop, and be all set for that magical first look. We’ll be like photo ninjas, checking out the lighting, getting our gear ready, and eagerly waiting for the lovebirds to make their appearance.

And hey, speaking of gear, we suggest packing a variety of lenses for the first look. You’ll want a telephoto lens to capture those intimate expressions up close and a wide-angle lens to get the whole scene. 


When it comes to posing the lovebirds, remember, it’s all about keeping things natural and relaxed. We want them to connect and be themselves, no stiff stuff here. It’s all about those genuine moments.

We can give ’em a little nudge in the right direction, though. Like, maybe we’ll suggest having the groom stand a little behind the bride, hands on her shoulders, as she turns around to face him. Makes for a more interesting and dynamic shot, you know?

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Lighting’s our secret sauce, peeps. We’re all about that natural light – it makes everything look dreamy. To banish those pesky shadows and give it a soft, natural vibe, a reflector comes in handy.

Here’s a pro tip: position the lovebirds so the light’s coming from behind them. It’ll give the background a magical and romantic feel. Trust us; it’s gold.


Now, let’s talk composition – that’s how you frame the shot for all you newbies out there. Ever heard of the rule of thirds? It’s like dividing the frame into nine equal parts, horizontally and vertically. Makes things pop when the lovebirds’ eyes land on one of those intersections.

And don’t forget to use the surroundings to your advantage; it can make the shot super interesting. Let your creativity run wild!

Find the ideal location

When it comes to scouting the perfect spot for the first look, there are a few things we’ve gotta consider:

Natural light: We’re all about that natural look, so choose a spot with plenty of it, like a beautiful garden or an open field.
Privacy: The first look is personal, peeps, so find a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle.
Meaning : A location that’s special to the couple, like where they first met, adds that extra magic.
Background: Go for something unique, whether it’s a stunning natural setting or a cool architectural feature.

We, your friendly neighborhood wedding photographers, are here to help you capture those first looks just right. Remember, it’s all about making the couple comfortable, going with the flow, and keeping things real. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be snapping unforgettable wedding moments in no time!

The real deal

To capture the true essence of the moment, we knew we had to let their emotions shine during the first look. We encouraged the couple to let go of the nerves, forget about the crowd, and just focus on each other. So, we told them to turn their heads away from us, creating a sweet, private moment that looked totally genuine.

We even threw some conversation prompts their way. You know, stuff like having the groom compliment the bride or share a special memory. It brought out those real feelings and reactions, making for some truly emotional shots.

And we also reminded the lovebirds to take a deep breath, chill out, and be in the here and now. It helped them let go of any jitters or anxiety and just be themselves.

Remember, the first look is their special, intimate moment. As photographers, we respect their space and privacy, giving them room to be themselves. We kept a low profile and didn’t get in their way, so they could fully soak in the feels.

Dealing with possible delays

Let’s chat about some possible hiccups on the big day. So, if things get a little delayed, no biggie! We’re all about making the most of every moment, especially when it comes to capturing those gorgeous memories.

If the ceremony decides to take its sweet time, we see that as a golden opportunity to snap even more portrait pics. Picture this: the ceremony was supposed to happen later in the day, but fate had other plans. Well, that’s when we kick into action during the first look session. It’s like this secret little rendezvous with the couple, creating a chill vibe that brings out the natural and candid side of them.

We’ve got a nifty trick up our sleeves. If we schedule the first look session earlier in the day, it’s like Mother Nature herself is helping us out. The soft, dreamy light at that time? Oh, it’s a game-changer for those portrait shots! We’re talking about a treasure trove of full-body and up-close pics that will make your heart skip a beat.

Here’s a little insider tip: we love to mix it up during the first look session for portrait photography. It’s all about finding those special spots, like a breathtaking backdrop or a quirky architectural gem, to add that unique touch to the portraits.

And guess what, gear geeks? We suggest bringing along a variety of lenses. Got a telephoto lens? Perfect for those cozy close-ups of the couple. Want to capture the whole shebang? Reach for a wide-angle lens!

Now, here’s the secret sauce: we love a good chat with our couples. We’re all ears when it comes to their preferences. Some love striking a pose, and that’s totally cool. Others are all about keeping it real and natural. By getting the lowdown on what they fancy in advance, we can promise that the photos we snap will be their absolute faves.

Traditional couples

You know, every couple is unique in their own way. Some of them like to have that special first look before the ceremony, while others stick to the good ol’ tradition of waiting until they’re at the altar. We totally respect whatever they choose.

So, when we’re dealing with those traditional lovebirds who decide to hold off on the big reveal until the ceremony, we’ve got to be on our game. It’s all about nailing that perfect shot when they see each other for the first time. To do that, we’ve gotta find the sweet spot where we can capture all those emotions as they come rushing in. Sometimes, that means setting up at the back to get that wide-angle view of the magic.

Now, timing is everything, right? We want to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time. That’s why we chat it up with the wedding planner or coordinator to be in sync.

Oh, and privacy, people! We’re all about respecting that. We keep our distance, letting the couple have their intimate moment without any disruptions.

Every couple has their own vibe, so we have a little heart-to-heart with them. Some like to keep it classic, and others want to get a bit artsy with their first look. We make sure we’re on the same page with them in advance so we can deliver those photos they’ll cherish.

So, whether they want to see each other before the ceremony or save it for the big moment, we’ve got it all covered. It’s all about respecting their choices, getting that perfect shot, nailing the timing, giving them their space, and keeping the conversation flowing with the couple. Cheers to capturing love!