As wedding photographers, we recognize how important it is to document natural and spontaneous moments on a couple’s special day. But we’re also all about those classic family snaps and super happy couple pics that you’ll cherish forever.

Posing – It’s a Big Deal!

You know what? Posing is a big deal when it comes to wedding photography. Those are the shots that end up on your grandma’s fridge, get framed in your home, and get passed down through the generations. They’re like your official memory keepers.

The trick is to make posed pics look as casual as possible, like they just happened naturally. It’s all about understanding the couple’s vibes, nailing the composition, and making the lighting work its magic. Once we’ve got those down, we can take posed pics that are anything but stiff.

Body Talk

Body language is where the magic happens. Imagine a photo of a couple standing all rigid and staring right at the camera – that’s a recipe for a forced pic. But when you catch them in their comfort zone, that’s when the realness shines through.

We’ve got this cool technique called “directional posing.” It’s like giving you a nudge on how to stand, where to look, and how to interact with each other. We might suggest gazing into each other’s eyes or holding hands the way that feels totally you, rather than just saying, “Hey, face the camera, please.”


Let’s chat about how we work our photography magic to capture those genuine, totally-not-posed moments. We’re all about this cool trick called “environmental portraiture.” Basically, we let the couple’s surroundings join the photo party to give it that extra oomph.

Imagine the couple chilling on the bed with their hotel room in the backdrop – if they’re getting ready there. Bam! You’ve got yourself a pic that screams, “I’m right here, in the moment!”

Lighting is the name of the game when it comes to looking effortlessly candid. We’re big fans of natural light, it’s like our BFF. But we’re not shy about throwing in some artificial lighting tricks, too, like flash and reflectors, to jazz things up.

If the lovebirds are basking in the sun, we might whip out a reflector to wipe out those pesky shadows and make the shot pop with dimension. That way, the picture is all about that authentic vibe.


Stop thinking about the camera

Forget the camera, people! That’s how you get those sweet, unscripted snapshots. Our secret sauce? We get to know the couple way before the big day, and we’re all sneaky about it when the time comes.

Building that connection

We don’t just rock up to the wedding and start snapping away. Nah, we like to meet our cool couples in person or over a video call. It’s like a pre-wedding hangout where we chat and learn what floats their boat. This makes them feel comfy around us, and trust? It starts to brew.

Before we dive into the formal photo stuff on the wedding day, we make sure to kick back with the lovebirds. They get to relax, and we get to know each other even better. This means they’ll be too busy having a blast to notice the camera.

Playing it cool

We’ve got stealth down to an art. It’s all about blending in and not messing with the couple’s groove. To keep things on the down-low, we bust out our long lenses and keep our distance. That way, nobody feels like they’re in a wildlife documentary.

We also like to give the couple some space. Letting them be themselves is like a recipe for the most genuine, unplanned moments.

A little nudge

Sometimes, we toss in some fun prompts or activities. It could be as simple as asking them to explore the area or maybe even having a little dance-off. Distractions from the camera? That’s the secret to making things feel super chill.

We’re also big fans of ninja-style photography – shooting from different angles and grabbing those moments as they unfold. Whether it’s low-angle shots, close-ups of their hands, or candid snaps of the lovebirds mingling with guests, we’re all about capturing the real deal. It’s what makes the pics scream “unposed and totally natural!”

When it comes to snapping those perfect shots, timing is key. We ain’t gonna bug you for poses during the hustle and bustle of the ceremony or the reception. Nope, we’re all about chill vibes. We save the posed pics for when things calm down, like when you’re getting dolled up or after the “I dos.” This way, you can forget about the camera and just be yourselves.

We’ve always got one piece of advice we never skip – enjoy the heck out of your special day because it’s all yours. Kick back, have a blast, and don’t sweat the camera. We promise to capture all those magic moments and work with you to snap some incredible, real-deal pics that’ll be treasured forever.

Modeling Experience

Now, let’s chat about getting that modeling experience. Being a practice model is a neat way to up your posing and body language game. It also helps you get the hang of directing clients without making it seem too posed.

You can start by joining workshops or classes for photography. There, you’ll rub shoulders with seasoned photographers who’ll give you the lowdown on striking poses and dish out feedback on your skills.

Another cool option is to team up with local photographers scouting for models for their projects. You’ll get to work with different photographers and pick up some fresh posing tricks along the way.

For some solo practice, snap some self-portraits and get playful with different poses and angles. This’ll help you understand how your body looks in various stances and learn how to keep it looking natural and unposed0.

And if you’re considering professional photography services for your wedding, especially in beautiful destinations like Cancun, check out our comprehensive Cancun wedding photography services and photo shoots page for top-notch services tailored to capture the essence of your special day. 

Relaxation tips

Trying to pose naturally and unposedly during a photo shoot can make it difficult to unwind. Here are some suggestions to help photographers and couples unwind while having their photo shoot. So grab your cameras, kick off your shoes, and let’s dive into these relaxation secrets:

Let’s Chat: Before we even say “cheese,” we have a heart-to-heart with our lovely clients. We dish out all the deets about what to expect and make sure they’re vibing with the whole aesthetic.

Cozy Vibes: No matter where we’re snapping pics, we set the mood right. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a grand hall or under the blazing sun; we create a comfy, relaxed atmosphere.

Take It Easy: We’re all about easing into it. We kick off with the simple poses, so our peeps aren’t breaking a sweat. It’s like a dance, baby, one step at a time.

Shake That Booty: Poses can be a tad stiff, so we suggest some spontaneous moves. Get up, take a stroll, or have a chitchat. It’ll keep things real and unscripted.

Divert Their Eyes: We’ve got a trick up our sleeves. Instead of fixating on the camera, we hand our clients props or activities. They get lost in the moment, and voilà, candid magic!

Groovy Tunes: Music is the secret sauce for good vibes. We crank up tunes that our lovebirds groove to. It sets the mood, and everyone’s in the zone.

Positivity Rules: We keep the vibes high, folks. We’re all smiles, cracking jokes, and spreading good vibes. It’s contagious, and it makes everyone feel at ease.

Time for a Breather: If our clients ever feel the jitters, we don’t push ’em. We hit the pause button. They get a chance to unwind, and then we’re back in action.

So, there you have it, peeps! To capture those candid moments, all you need is some movement, a laid-back start, a little distraction, good tunes, a positive attitude, and some well-deserved breaks. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have everyone unwinding and posing naturally for those picture-perfect shots. Keep it chill and click away! 📸