We get it – you want your big day to scream “us” and be as unique as your love story. Well, lucky for you, we’re the wedding photography duo that understands the drill. So, kick back, grab a cuppa, and let’s spill some secrets on how to make your wedding pics pop. 

If you’re planning a trendy wedding photography session in Cancun, consider incorporating some of these unconventional techniques. Let’s make your photos as epic as your love story!

Our Bag of Tricks: Original Techniques for Unique Shots

Wanna kick it up a notch? We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves. From soaring with aerial shots to catching those genuine feels in candid moments, we’re all about making your pics stand out. Black and white, video snippets, and props—name it, and we’ll make it happen. Your love story is one of a kind, and we’re here to capture it, quirks and all. 

Soaring to New Heights: Forget the usual, let’s take your wedding photos to new heights – literally. Picture this: drones buzzing above, or maybe a photographer hanging out of a helicopter (not as crazy as it sounds, promise). Aerial shots give you a bird’s-eye view of the whole shebang – ceremony, reception, and all that pretty space around. It’s like capturing your love story from a whole new perspective, and trust us, it’s epic.

Candid Moments: Let’s talk real emotions, folks. Sure, the classic poses have their place, but we’re all about those candid shots that catch you off guard. No stiff smiles or awkward poses – just genuine, unscripted moments that scream ‘this is us.’ We play ninja, blending into the crowd, catching the vibe, and snapping up those magic moments that make your wedding album come alive.

Black and White Magic: Colors are cool, but have you tried black and white? It’s like giving your photos a timeless, classic vibe. With our snazzy digital gear and editing wizardry, black and white photos get a modern makeover. They’re not just pics; they’re pieces of art that focus on the feels, the expressions, and the vibes. Trust us; it’s a game-changer.

Adding Video to the Mix: Photos are sweet, but video takes it to a whole new level. Imagine reliving your big day with all the laughter, music, and that look in your eyes. We’re not just talking about any video – we’re talking cinematic gold. Whether it’s a videographer doing their thing or a drone catching the action from the skies, we’ve got the magic touch to turn your wedding into a blockbuster.

Props and Funky Poses: So, you want your wedding photos to be more than just your typical cheese fest? We’re totally on the same page! Think quirky props, funny signs, or even some balloons to spice things up. And, oh boy, don’t get us started on poses! We’re not talking about your grandma’s stiff “say cheese” kinda thing. Let’s shake it up, pose you guys like rockstars, and throw in some unconventional vibes. But hey, a quick tip from the pros: don’t go overboard. Remember, it’s all about you two and that crazy connection of yours.

Picture-Perfect Backdrops: Let’s ditch the boring backdrops and bring in the beauty of Mother Nature. Whether you’re tying the knot on a beach, in a forest, or on a mountain, let the surroundings tell your story. It’s like a natural Instagram filter, only way better!

Shiny Surfaces: Mirrors, metal, water—oh my! Imagine the cool reflections these babies can add to your photos. It’s like doubling the love and creating a modern touch that’ll have everyone talking.

Long Exposure Fun: Want to add a dash of action to your pics? Long exposure photography is the way to go. Capture the dance floor shenanigans and the wild reception moments with a slow shutter speed. Your photos will scream energy and fun!

Light it Up: Let’s talk about that glow-up! Whether it’s the warm hug of the sunset or the cozy flicker of candlelight, we’re all about adding that extra oomph to your pics. Light is our secret weapon for bringing out the romance and drama in every frame.

Tell Your Tale: Why settle for a bunch of random pics when you can have a visual love story? We’re talking about capturing every moment, from the makeup chair to the dance floor. Let’s piece together a narrative that screams your unique love saga. 

Slow-Mo Magic: So, picture this: your first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss all slowed down for that touch of drama and elegance. It’s like hitting the wedding day nostalgia button, making your moments intensely captivating. Slow-motion video? Absolutely, count us in!

Booth Fun with Guests: Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? We’re all about guests snapping candid pics, grabbing keepsakes, and adding a dash of distinctive, fun, and silly to your album. Whether it’s an outdoor setup or a traditional booth with props, it’s a surefire way to spice things up.

Tilt-Shift Playtime: Ever wanted your photos to look like mini dioramas? Tilt-shift photography is the answer. It adds creativity and playfulness, whether we’re using special lenses or some post-production magic.

Unusual Locations: Why settle for the same old venues when you can shoot in an old train car, a graffiti-covered alley, or an abandoned building? These offbeat locations scream adventure and creativity, making your photos stand out.

Film Feels: Sure, digital is the go-to, but film photography? It brings a timeless, nostalgic vibe. Think warmth, softness, and a grainy, organic texture. Plus, you still get those digital copies for the tech-savvy side in you.

Underwater Photography: For ocean-loving couples, underwater photography is a dream. It adds a touch of otherworldly beauty, whether it’s in a pool or a natural water setting.

Dreamy Infrared Touch: Infrared photography brings an ethereal, dreamlike quality to your images. It’s all about that distinctive color scheme, especially in greenery-filled outdoor settings. Magic and mystery, anyone?

Immersive 3D Magic: Want your photos to pop? Enter 3D photography. It’s like stepping into your own wedding scene. Perfect for expansive landscapes and sizable crowds, it adds that extra oomph to your visuals.

Flashy Drama: Let’s talk drama and vigor with flash photography. Those low-light moments, like dancing and speeches, get a powerful and striking makeover. Mood and atmosphere? Nailed it.

Multiple Exposures for Depth: Layering is the name of the game with multiple exposures. Whether it’s capturing the landscape or the couple with their guests, it adds depth and a touch of uniqueness to your photos.

Timelapse Storytelling: Track your entire wedding day journey with timelapse photography. From morning preparations to the nighttime reception, it’s a visual narrative capturing every moment.

360-Degree Immersion: Why settle for one angle when you can have it all? 360-degree photography gives you a complete scene in one shot. Perfect for large crowds and expansive landscapes, it’s all about immersing your viewers.

Panoramic Grandeur: Go big or go home with panoramic photography. It’s the ideal choice for group photos, showcasing locations, or capturing the beauty of a landscape. Your image will be comprehensive, detailed, and a scene-stealer.

Street Style Vibes: If urban and contemporary are your jam, throw in some street photography. Capture those natural moments in the city streets for a dynamic and lively feel.

Light Painting Drama: Create magic with long exposures and a light source in light painting. Perfect for nighttime or low-light scenes, it adds an artistic and engaging touch to your images.

Polaroid Nostalgia: Get that retro and vintage feel with a polaroid camera. Instant prints for your guests, and a tangible keepsake for your wedding book. It’s the perfect blend of old-school charm and modern memories.

Medium Format Marvels: For the crème de la crème, go for a medium format camera. Larger film or sensor means higher quality, more detailed images with a cinematic and artistic touch.

Getting that Vintage Vibe with Film Simulators: So, picture this: you want your wedding photos to have that timeless, classic look, right? Well, cue the film simulator magic! We’re talking about this awesome software that lets you mimic the vintage vibes of film stocks like Kodak or Fujifilm. It’s like giving your photos a sprinkle of nostalgia. Combine it with some old-school film or go all-in with black and white photography – trust us, you’ll love the result.

Street Art Shenanigans: Who says wedding photos can’t rock a bit of street cred? Throw in some street art, and you’ve got yourself a visual feast. Use it as a funky foreground, a quirky prop, or let it steal the spotlight as the main subject. Your wedding pics will instantly get that urban and gritty vibe. It’s like bringing the streets to the aisle – unconventional and totally Instagram-worthy.

Dramatic Nights and Mysterious Delights: Now, let’s talk about turning up the drama. Night photography is your secret weapon. Imagine capturing starry skies, fireworks, and that magical play of lights. Sure, shooting in low light can be a bit tricky, but fear not! With some careful planning, the right tools and settings, and a sprinkle of post-processing magic, your wedding photos will be jaw-droppingly stunning.

In a Nutshell: Elevate Your Pics with a Dash of Daring

Trust us, by weaving in these ideas, your wedding photos will be nothing short of spectacular. The golden rule? Find a photographer who gets your vibe and isn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Your wedding day magic deserves to be frozen in time by someone who can turn your crazy ideas into unforgettable memories. Let’s make your photos as epic as your love story!