So, we’ve been lucky enough to snap pics at loads of incredible weddings, and let us tell you, the venue can make or break that special day. Picking the perfect spot is a big deal, and here’s the lowdown on what you need to think about.

Location: First things first, where the heck is it? Think about your guests – can they find the place? Is there a crash pad nearby for those party animals? And hey, does the vibe match your theme?

Size and Capacity: Count your RSVPs and make sure the joint can handle the crowd. Check out the layout – can Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue get down on the dance floor without knocking over the cake?

Weather: What season are you tying the knot? And is the venue ready to roll with both indoor and outdoor options in case Mother Nature throws a curveball?

Amenities: Look into what the venue brings to the table – literally. Tables, chairs, linens, catering – is it all covered? Make sure they can handle your unique wishlist too.

Budget: Money talks, so know your limits. Some places might sneak in extra fees for setup and cleanup, so keep those greenbacks in check.

Style: Does the joint match your vision? Check out the colors, the lighting, and the overall vibe. You want the place to scream “us.”


Alright, so let’s spill the beans on picking the perfect spot for your big day. First things first, the location can totally set the vibe for your wedding, you know? If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, then snag a spot with some killer ocean views. Planning a rustic outdoor vibe? Well, a countryside venue or a farm is your go-to.

And hey, the location isn’t just about the backdrop—it’s about the whole mood. A historic venue or something with a vintage vibe can make your day feel all classy and timeless. On the flip side, if you’re into that modern, edgy stuff, an industrial area is where it’s at.

So, when you’re scouting for a place, think about how it vibes with your theme. You want it to flow naturally, like peanut butter and jelly. Before you go all-in on a venue, make sure the location is like the sidekick to your superhero theme.

Now, atmosphere is key. If you’re jetting off for a destination wedding, you gotta make sure the place gives off those dreamy vibes. Think lush greenery for a tropical bash. Winter wedding? Find a spot that’s cozy and warm for your guests. The right atmosphere can make or break the whole shindig, so choose wisely.

And don’t forget about logistics. A remote area can be perfect for a low-key, intimate vibe. But if you’re city-bound, expect a bit of hustle and bustle. Just know that your location can totally shape the flow of your wedding, so pick a spot that fits your groove.

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Size and capacity

Alright, party people, let’s talk guest list and venue size. You don’t want your spot feeling like a ghost town or a sardine can, right? Check that the joint has enough elbow room for everyone to mingle, dance, and have a blast. And think about the important spots, like the dance floor and the bar. No one wants to be cramped while breaking it down or waiting for a drink.

The goal is to find that sweet spot where your venue is cozy, not cramped, and everyone can move around without doing the awkward wedding shuffle. So, size matters, my friends—make sure it’s just right.

Layout and Design

Now, let’s talk about the venue’s layout and design. It’s not just about how it looks; it’s about how it works. Picture this: ceremony here, reception there, and a killer cocktail hour in between. Your venue needs to roll with the plan, so make sure it’s up for the challenge.

Check that the space flows like a smooth playlist, with guests gliding from one area to the next. No one wants to feel like they’re in a maze, right? Easy navigation is key. So, when you’re scoping out venues, make sure they’re not just a pretty face—they gotta have the brains to handle your dream wedding layout.

Weather Woes

So, here’s the scoop on weather, folks. Picture this: you’re all set to tie the knot, and then bam! Rain decides to crash the party. It’s like, “Seriously, rain? Today?” Plan B, my friends, plan B. No stress, just find a venue with both indoor and outdoor spots. That way, you can dodge raindrops or soak up the sun, depending on the mood.

If you’re going for a summer bash, find a place with shade or AC to save your guests from melting. Winter wonderland wedding? Snug and warm should be the vibe inside, with enough heaters to make everyone forget about the frosty air. And oh, if rain or snow tries to play spoiler, think tents or marquees – your instant weather shields.

And let’s not forget about lighting and climate control. No one wants to squint through the ceremony or freeze their socks off at the reception. So, pick a spot that’s got the right mood lighting and a thermostat that’s guest-approved.

In the end, be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. A spot with all the weather-friendly perks will keep your guests comfy, rain or shine. It’s like wedding insurance, but cooler.

Amenities Galore

Now, let’s talk about the cool perks your venue should bring to the table. Think of it as the wedding VIP treatment, you know? Here are some must-haves:

Furniture: Your venue should at least hook you up with tables and chairs. Bonus points if they match your wedding theme. If not, renting is always an option.

Linens: Check out what fabrics they’re throwing into the mix. Do they fit the vibe you’re going for? Some places let you BYO linens, while others throw in what they’ve got. Your call.

Catering: Scope out the menu options. Some spots do in-house catering, others let you bring in your own food squad. Make sure they can handle any food quirks your guests might have.

Audio-Visuals: Lights, camera, action! Think about your wedding’s AV needs. Do they have the gear to make your big day look and sound epic?

Parking and Transportation: Don’t forget the parking deets. Some places have lots, others might need a shuttle situation. Just make sure your guests can roll up without a hitch.

Staffing: Check the crew they’re bringing to the party – bartenders, servers, the whole shebang. You want a smooth sailing ship, not a Titanic situation.

Budget Bling

Okay, let’s get real about the moolah. Picking a wedding spot can hit your wallet hard, but here’s the lowdown on budget wisdom:

Cost per person: Crunch those numbers. What’s the damage per head? Some places throw a minimum guest requirement into the mix, so watch out for that.

Extra Expenses: Sneaky fees lurk in the shadows – setup, cleanup, taxes, and tips. Know what you’re paying for so your budget doesn’t do a disappearing act.

Payment Policies: Check how they handle the cash flow. Are they flexible? Do they need a down payment? Knowing the score upfront helps you plan your budget like a boss.

All-Inclusive Packages: Score some sweet deals with packages that cover everything. It’s like a stress-free, money-saving bundle that’s a win-win.

Seasonal Surprises: Don’t sleep on this one. Prices might play peek-a-boo depending on the season. Compare rates from different times of the year to dodge any budget curveballs.


We’ve got some tips that might help you nail down the perfect style for your wedding. So grab a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice, and let’s dive in.

Color Scheme: Okay, first things first – let’s talk colors. Take a look at your venue’s color game. If it’s rocking some neutral vibes, awesome! It’s like a blank canvas ready for your artistic touch. But, if it’s bursting with bright hues, you might want to think about how your color palette will play along. We want your wedding to be a masterpiece, not a clash of rainbows, right?

Lighting: Now, about that lighting situation. Check out what your venue is working with. Is it bathed in natural sunlight, or are we relying on some good ol’ artificial glow? And here’s the kicker – can we tweak it a bit? Brighten things up or dial it down? We’re like magicians with cameras, but a little ambiance help never hurt.

Ambiance: Picture this: the vibe of your venue setting the tone for your entire day. A modern, industrial spot could give you that edgy, contemporary flair. On the flip side, a historic location might throw in a dash of timeless elegance. What’s the vibe you’re going for? Let the venue’s general vibe be your wedding day hype man.

Landscape: Nature lovers, this one’s for you. Scope out the landscaping around your venue. Gardens, flowers, trees – it’s like Mother Nature’s way of adding her touch to your love story. Does it fit your wedding theme like a glove? You want the outside to match the inside, right?

Decorations: Time to talk decorations. Check if the venue comes with its own decor game. Does it vibe with your wedding theme, or are we bringing in our own party? And oh, quick check on any restrictions they might have. We want to avoid any “Sorry, you can’t hang that glittery unicorn piñata here” surprises.

So, to sum it up, your venue should be like the peanut butter to your jelly, the perfect match. Colors, lighting, ambiance, landscape, decorations – let them all dance together in harmony for your dream day. Trust your gut, go with what feels right, and let’s make magic happen.

Happy planning, lovebirds! 📸✨